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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Deb just handed me the conference registration book and asked me to decide on which sessions to attend. I'm posting them here more or less so I don' forget them, and to give you a chance to comment on my choices.

Saturday, July 2nd
7pm - Opening Night Ceremonies

Sunday, July 3rd
8:00 - 101* - Creating a Connected Family Life. (Susan Tracy)
3:30 - 111* - Raising resilient Children (Teresa Pitman)

Monday, July 4th
8:00 - 203 - Adventures in Gentle Discipline (Elizabeth Pantley)
10:00 - 214* - Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids. (Naomi Drew)
3:00 - 226 - Living with the Active Alert Child (Linda Budd)

Tuesday, July 5th
10:00 - 303 - Covering Home: Lessons on the art of fathering (Jack Petrash)
3:30 - 316 - I Love My Life: A guide to working from home (Kristi Tamsevicuis)

* indicates sessions that my wife is also attending.

Looks like an interesting spread of topics and should prove to be fun juggling sessions with trips to the museums and zoo. Travis (my 5yo) is looking forward to riding on the Metro.


  • It all sounds very peaceful, from what you chose, which will be nice! As someone who does work from home (for the past decade--I am such a trendsetter, ha ha), I would wager that's a very interesting session. Your sessions and mine are very similar, though I never actually get to GO to any sessions...usually working in the Tech Room! I can't wait to see you and Deb--do drop by!

    Sue Ann

    By Blogger Suna, at 6:29 PM  

  • Good selections!
    I look forward to hearing about any of them you get a chance to attend. One of the best parts of the LLLI Conferences is the validation for our parenting and life choices--we get to feel normal and the rest of the world is odd. Looking forward to meeting you and reading more

    By Blogger Sandee, at 8:50 AM  

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